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Thursday, June 29, 2017

The dark side of town/you- in Duluth and Minneapolis

She was larger than life
She could not love demurely
Her hands grasped you 
like you were the last, best thing on earth
your brown eyes
lay asunder to any suspicions of real love

She withdrew to dust when 
you left, inbetween passages
moving to cities with complete strangers
with no details no trace

She was a piece of your wise kingdom
and an outlaw in your family
Although they were full of manifested flaws
blood relatives with no grace
many of them hated women
that resembled your mother

an undedicated housewife

Who was the backbone of support?
When you looked for the size 22 women
who would say anything you wanted

You're weak now but stable
yet unfulfilled
She is still chasing your dream
down Grand Avenue
with the enthusiasm of your father.

Circa 1996-1997



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