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Friday, July 14, 2017

Somewhere inbetween

The curtains drawn
the world still comes in
My Saturn wings are swelling 
My impulse control burgeoned out
by uncommon mistakes
circling in a pool of battered rams
of shepherd less leadership
Time mashes out faraway relatives
but faraway relatives rise in my conscience
some encourage, others devour
reminiscent feelings of yesteryear
I am safe here
far enough away from real pain
the rawest of memories
I can weed people out like a fiery prophet
and bury their image in an unthreshed wheat field
Life and death are part of the same equation
my breath is the passage into both worlds
Those that have meaning are in both places
At night I close my eyes and see the kingdom come
apart from earthly struggles 
It will be over someday
I will change planetary consciousness
plunge into the divine
and erase all life that cannot ascend
the steps of wisdom.


Thursday, June 29, 2017

The dark side of town/you- in Duluth and Minneapolis

She was larger than life
She could not love demurely
Her hands grasped you 
like you were the last, best thing on earth
your brown eyes
lay asunder to any suspicions of real love

She withdrew to dust when 
you left, inbetween passages
moving to cities with complete strangers
with no details no trace

She was a piece of your wise kingdom
and an outlaw in your family
Although they were full of manifested flaws
blood relatives with no grace
many of them hated women
that resembled your mother

an undedicated housewife

Who was the backbone of support?
When you looked for the size 22 women
who would say anything you wanted

You're weak now but stable
yet unfulfilled
She is still chasing your dream
down Grand Avenue
with the enthusiasm of your father.

Circa 1996-1997



I wrote this poem in 2007

9:31 PM - Tranquilly obsessed
Current mood:  contemplative
Category: Romance and Relationships
Carving the path
to destiny
hell's fury unintentional
looking upward
like eagle soaring high above the sky
I can feel God's presence
and be thankful for each person
who intersected my destiny
intended goodness will escape
like a balloon in the sky
it will descend like glitter over your shoulders
you will brush off my intuition unnoticed
but it will penetrate your flesh
when you close your eyes
your heart will bleed as you feel me
trickling down
I feel you in me
like a 5 scale storm
carving destiny through the clouds
of grey white nuance
trying to trip up my inner rage
I can only remember the beauty
and your spontaneous smile
as you traced your hand over my back side
my lips departed like paradise
eyes closed inner breath
and the one step short of betraying myself
to eternally love you
you have dismantled my dignity
left me frozen
my instincts are impeccable
I know in my heart
what event takes place
transfers back to you
someday you will recognize
the love you cannot accept
and weep at my grave
under a midnite moon.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Steve D from Hinckley

I am in a constant state of revision of you
 I stop by to wrap it up
a one liner from a David Mamet play
or maybe just a screaming bar tone like Roseanne 
You still call  me dearie and honey like
you are the elder
Your David Soul toupe swirling about your head
that you say it is is not real or dyed
You're waiting for the 2 bit mama from other side of town
with tawny brown hair and a crooked nose
She's from a small town in Wisconsin where boozing it up
was the extreme passtime.
She'll give it to you anyway you like  you told me once.
You smoke your cigarette in despair
Has becoming rich made you anymore content?
You still have to worry about what she might or might not do.
Is retirement really you?
your competitive game changing ideas
at the Black Jack table
You doubling down with forty to two hundred dollars
Your sense of ownership at the table like no one could make one move you would disapprove of.
I believe you sobered up in those last months
As your mom lay dying
And you still have some goodness within you
but why can't you recognize a true woman?